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As products are Giffarine’s priority, our factory is essential for further research and development.

We manufacture over 7 million high quality product items a month for our consumers. Learn more about Giffarine Factory.

Giffarine Factory

We strive for excellence.

Giffarine factory, with an area of 40,000 square meters, is located in Navanakorn Industrial Estate. We have invested over 1,000 million Baht in this factory which is 39,000 square meters in size. The construction materials and the structure of the factory are in accordance with GMP standard. This is the workplace for over 700 physicians, pharmacists, scientists and professionals. Our factory achieves ISO14001 and international food safety standard certification. 

Giffarine Our factory

Giffarine Factory is the best assurance for our customers.

Giffarine factory is divided into 3 sections: Cosmetics Factory,Food and Drug Factory, and the Central Lab.

Quality and safety checks for cosmetics, food, nutrient supplements, traditional herbal medicines, and household products are conducted at the Central Lab. Therefore, our customers can shop with confidence as Giffarine products are safe and of high quality.

Choose our valuable products for a better way of life

Happiness and satisfaction of over 10 million customers is Giffarine’s greatest pride.
We are determined to manufacture and offer the best products to the consumers. From all over the world, only the most carefully selected materials are used to manufacture our products. Our key alliances include DSM from Switzerland and Daito and Iwase from Japan. The research and development process allows product quality improvement through the use of advance technology and hygienic equipment. Throughout the process, quality control remains our first priority. Our reputation, extensive experience and the awards we have received during the past 19 years demonstrates why Giffarine Factory is our pride. Products from Giffarine Factory thus impress Thai people as well as those from 40 countries worldwide, including difficult export markets such as European countries and Japan.

Giffarine Factory

and its Significance

  • Giffarine Factory affirms the stability and sustainable growth of Giffarine.
  • Only the most carefully selected high-quality materials from all over the world, supervised by physicians and pharmacists are used to manufacture Giffarine Products.
  • The rapid manufacturing of our valuable products is able to meet market demand while consumers can purchase the products at a reasonable price.
  • Giffarine’s Central Lab is ISO/IEC 10725 certified. Receiving accreditation of an international standard, there has been requests for site visits from education, government and the private sector. Our Central Lab is thus the center for quality control of Giffarine products.
  • Giffarine Factory creates jobs and provides income opportunities for Thai people. The increase in national GDP in turn drives the Thai economy forward.

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