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Would it be good if you can own a businesswithout having to invest?
Make an easy start with us today at Giffarine.
Small investmentWith 180-baht lifetime application fee
and get privileges to buy up to 2,000 Giffarine products
at a special 25% discount and start running your business immediately.

Training and seminar courses are offered more than 600 times a year.

Free training.

No previous experience is required.

With Giffarine self-employed business owner development centers, where direct experienceand clear business running principles will be passed on to you by experts, i.e.,free constant business and product courses including healthcare and beauty knowledgefrom doctorsand the pharmaceutical team at Giffarine Business Center every Tuesdayat Indra Hotel (Pratunam), Bangkok.*
(*In the courses with practical parts, applicants may have to pay for documen

It’s easy.

Even for people who are not very good at selling work,it’s great because Giffarine’s business way allow you to share your impression about the goods you consume to people around you to grow a consumer network and encourage continuous goods purchases for everyday life.

Run it along with your full-time job.

Just spare a few hours a day to grow your consumer network and follow it up for increasing your income in the future.

Own a business.

With about 2,000 quality goods to sell,it reaches every target group.Our selling channels consistof 109 Giffarine business centers all over the country for supportinggoods distribution, facilitatingand use as a place for hosting activities,needed for expanding work practices of Giffarine business owners,such as a meeting and training room.

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