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Dividend Calculation

ividends are calculated from the POINT VALUE (PV)
you get from purchasing goods in each selling round as follows:

Most goods’ PV equals member’s price (1 baht = 1 PV)except those in some categories or some particular goods which their PV calculation are as specified by the Company, i.e., items in the category of food, agriculture and some others. Please see more details in the brochure attached in your membership application form and check the notice of change made by the Company.

Calculation sample

Original price of goods = 100 baht
A member gets 25% discount = 25 baht
Member’s price = 75 baht

PV points = 75 PV

How to receive your dividends

Giffarine business owners are qualified to receive the dividends from the Company should maintain their own minimum sales volume. It means they make a purchase and collect PV up to the specific level under the conditions for each position.
Giffarine business owners who do not maintain their minimum sales volume under the conditions and within the Company’s time period are not qualified to receive any compensation from the Company in any case.
Contact us to collect your dividends by yourself at a Giffarine business center of your choice on the 11th day of the month (please always present your ID card).
In case of having dividends of 5,000 baht and above, you can choose to receive them via money transfer to every branch of Siam Commercial Bank. A member should provide the Company his bank account name, number, type and branch through your regular business center.

Monthly Maintain Commission Rights

Minimum sales volume maintaining means the purchasing volume under a member code reaches the amount specified in the Sales Volume Maintaining rules and the code owners are eligible to receive compensation under the Company’s compensation payment plan. The details are as follows:

**In case that the members do not maintain their minimum sales volume, they are not qualified to receive any dividend and other benefits under the Company’s compensation payment plan**

Position Monthly Maintain Sale Amount (PV / month)
Bronze Star – Silver Star 1,000(according to the Sales Volume Maintaining rules)
Gold Star 1,500(according to the Sales Volume Maintaining rules)
Mercury – Saturn 5,000(according to the Sales Volume Maintaining rules)
Paradise and above 10,000(according to the Sales Volume Maintaining rules)

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