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23 years ago, Giffarine was founded with a clear, stable mission of creating entrepreneurs, the owners of Giffarine.
What we are proud here at Giffarine is not the fact that Giffarine has generated revenue of over
82 Billion Baht, but the fact that Giffarine has contributed over 37 Billion Baht of income to our Giffarine families.
We enhance their quality of lifeand inspire their happiness.. This is the true happiness of Giffarine family.
Here at Giffarine, everyone can own a business through these
9 Competitive Advantages
Since the company is no longer required to pay the retailers it allows us to return the income back to the network. In other words, it is recurring revenue. This sustainable revenue will result in your financial freedom, your time freedom and a reward to those who successfully establish the network.

The understanding of the business ensures that everyone in Giffarine can work enjoyably. There will be no
pressure of capital requirement that can consequently hurt our family members.

Here at Giffarine, we choose how much sales we are generating. We choose our own business timing and conditions. This is the satisfaction and pleasure that over 6.5 million members of Giffarine have experienced.

We continue to put relentless efforts until your dream comes

true and we will grow progressively to become the number one direct sales
company in Thailand.

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