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Together we can touch the sky

“True business legacy”
can be passed on to your descendants.

At Giffarine… we promise that you can own what you earn and earn from what you own. This is truly way to build up your own family business without any costs and risks.
To start a Giffarine business, all you have to do is to sign up with the application fee of only 180 baht. This life-time membership comes with a 25% discount for purchasing Giffarine products. Afterwards, share with your friends and family why you are impressed with our products to create a consumer network. The consumers will thus purchase these daily life products continuously, generating a steady income for you.
Our unique Stair Step + Unilevel compensation plan is clear, fair and worthy of your dedication as it helps you earn a steady and sustainable income. Revenue can be expected since the first month you start your business. With determination, we guarantee you will earn a higher income in a sustainable manner.

Our strong business model…


Once you invite others to join your network, all of them will own a Giffarin business and will always be a member of your network.

As our membership is a lifetime benefit, the number of consumers in your network will always increase.


Our products are of high-quality and at reasonable prices.

Everyone in the network will purchase our products on a regular basis as the products are of high-quality and at reasonable prices.



We employ a 360-degree marketing activities.

Giffarine’s 360-degree marketing activities include an extensive marketing plan, making the work easier for our business partner by reducing the cost,creating consumers’ awareness, and providing faster and more effective service.


Your income derives from the consumers’ total value of purchased products.

The prices do not differ from the products of similar quality in retailing business. Giffarine will pay the marketing margin, approximately 45% of the sales, lost in retailing business back to our business partner or our affiliate.This creates a sustainable income and will help you achieve financial freedom and time freedom, leading to a success for those who dedicate themselves to growing their network.

Giffarine has over 100,000 successful business partners and counting, reflecting the possibility of Giffarine


Today our total revenue has reached 68 Billion Baht and our business partners have earned over 31 Billion Baht in total. Our warm family consists of over over 7.3 million members. With every step of your success, Giffarine is committed to make it easy for you and help you become a successful business partner.

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